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iconInfinite Password Generator makes any number of different passwords for websites and applications. Using only a single Master Password that you need to remember and a keyword of your choice, you can use entirely different passwords for different websites!

It utilizes many keyboard shortcuts to make the generating process very easy, simple and straightforward. You can also customize the password generated to include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and/or symbols.

The MD5 algorithm makes sure that no one gets the Master Password from the generated password. The specifications of the password generation method are provided so that you don't need to worry about hidden tricks.

Just a very simple application that frees you from stressful daily life.


To all at Ikitek Software, just a note to say I enjoy using your Infinite Password Generator and I tried very many different kinds of password generators and was going to give up looking and luckily I found your software as that is what I was looking for.

Your program is much better than a random password generator as it is impossible to remember the passwords generated so that kind of program is useless unless the user makes a copy of the passwords generated.

From John - Philippines.


The above example uses peace as the Master Password and yahoo as the Keyword. The Result is bBieW7Us which can be pasted into the website.


Get it from CNET!

Get Infinite Password Generator from CNET or from our web site. The file size is approximately 400 KB.

The installation procedure is very simple and takes less than a minute. Just double-click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions.

No need to register, this program is completely FREE, contains no advertisement and is not a spyware.

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I hope you enjoy using Infinite Password Generator for generating passwords without remembering them! You can use Infinite Password Generator for free, but if you find it worthwhile, please support by making a donation. Any amount of donation is appreciated!


Yuku Sugianto


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